Saskia Keiser

About Saskia Keiser (Amsterdam, 25 August 1979) – author of Hamsta World

It all started when designer and brand developer Saskia Keiser added a tiny dwarf hamster to her household. The small pet’s hilarious exploits quickly inspired her to create a range of new characters with similar quirky qualities. Her love of Japanese design and character art led her to name her endearing illustrations da Hamstas, from the phonetic pronunciation of hamasuta (Japanese for hamster). From here, the language, personalities, and lifestyles of da Hamstas blossomed organically into what became Hamsta World. Internationally appealing with an Asian edge, this unique land is ultimately fueled by the simple pursuit of fun.

Happy Ink and da Hamstas are only two of Saskia’s brainchildren. Her broad knowledge and deep competence in the field of marketing and art direction have seen her through the authoring of children’s books, the teaching of future creative professionals, the development of existing brands, and the creation of new ones. Her designs and concepts stand out in their joyful simplicity, boasting bold graphic styles that inevitably induce a smile.


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